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am i ever gonna be enough

titling the work or something

· explicit performance,university,Mentor

Some random notes on the progress of this work (in my head at least)



Incorporate your three stripper songs: Naughty Girl (Beyonce); Strict Machine (Goldfrapp); Piece of Me (Britney Spears)

Pile of mattresses for an audience to climb on/up (Princess and the Pea)

Ramble (Stacey Makishi)

Monologue made up entirely of song lyrics

Lie amongst your stuff (João Fiadeiro)


Stacey Makishi - Vesper Time

João Fiadeiro - Este corpo que me ocupa

Mårten Spångberg - Geo-trauma dance


Moving as Things - Andre Lepecki

What is an apparatus - Giorgio Agamben

Small piece of performance already choreographed/formulated:

Gold, Guns, Girls [Acoustic] (by Metric)

Pink stripper heels, pink wig, gold jumpsuit

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