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Last night i performed some material for a Leeds Beckett Scratch night, run by Jodean Sumner.

My performance was well-received and generated a LOT of discussion. I am constantly reminded of how sex work is whole other world for most people.

Amongst all the feedback, i found myself with several challenges:

  • How to keep the work ambiguous, i am not here to tell people what to think
  • How to make it clear that this is my experience of sex work, making sure not to delete the reality of sex work for so many others, ie that many are trafficked, that for many it is empowering, that for many it is part of their identity, that many do it out of desperation
  • How to maintain a critique of capitalism not sex work
  • How to better use music as a way to juxtapose, not fix a tone or atmosphere
  • How to have each section create crossing ideas
  • Demonstrating that stripping for me is NOT a fun job, but neither are a lot of other jobs i have had
  • Presenting myself as an autonomous sexual being outside of, but informed by, sex work
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