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Time for cheesy?

· explicit performance,Sound,Choreography

In a fit of cheesy madness, i made a short track using a couple of versions 'Roxanne' - a song about a man saving a woman from having to be a prostitute. Lols. It actually works! The style of the original (by The Police) doesn't work, and i am trying to only have songs by women or featuring female vocals, so i open it with the Morgan James cover (sooooooooooo angsty) and then segueway into the Tango from Moulin Rouge (urggghh don't worry no Ewan MacGregor vocals YUCK). The tango bit is the ONLY male voice in this work, and i think it's okay to include, a pointed inclusion.

Listen to it here.

Plus the dramatics of the music have yielded some EPIC and BRUTAL choreo :)

Nakies. Stripper shoes. ON THE CORNER BOX?!

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