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Emotional Labour

Stripping is hard. I am not very good at it. Men, urgh.

· sex work,Sexualisation,Capitalism

"sex work turns you into your own promoter, marketer, accountant, all while making you carry the emotional labor of countless grown adults trying to manipulate you into situations you can’t fathom being comfortable with (free sex/sex acts that you’re not comfortable with/coming to your house/wanting to see XYZ/etc etc).

It’s extremely taxing mentally and physically, you’re paid by commission that’s rarely consistent, regarded as not a “real” job- we could go on all day. This isn’t a “fun” job and it’s often someone’s last resort or only option of making “good” money."

"The catch-all term for anyone who sells their sexual energy is 'sex worker’."


I like this phrasing a lot, but...i'm sure a lot of dancers and performers and performance artists and singers may not.

I replicated a dance move that my pole studio from Wellington posted on Instagram recently. I might do this with a wedding dress on...and stripper shoes. For the Lift Off after party. #workinprogress

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