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Hipster stripper

Extra thoughts from site session

· sex work,Political,Art is Hard

I remember some extra things we discussed at Hyde Park Book Club: it's hipster-ness.

  • Records
  • Craft beer
  • Scruffy wooden/vintage-esque chairs
And so i talked about being a scruffy stripper. (An ironic stripper? Urgh no. That is undermining the realness of being a stripper.)
Also my issues with burlesque.
  • How burlesque dancers are quick to affirm their non-stripper-ness despite being performers who take off their clothes.
  • How their lack of mystery and tension since most strip to g-string and nipple pasties (which in some parts of the world is as naked as strippers are allowed to get).
  • How they are meant to be 'political' but aren't.
  • How maybe this show, this solo movement event, this cabaret-text-song-dance piece, is my giving the finger to burlesque-ers with my political, hipster, stripper power.
  • How the scruffy hipster venue adds to the politics of being a stripper
  • How i'm keeping it out of the club, the red lit stage, the cabaret venue.
Also, Art is Hard. I am spending a lot of time messing with the order, and in the process am adding vignettes, removing vignettes, editing music, re-jigging choreography. Will i ever have it set so that i can just run it? Get it really good and rehearsed and tight? Maybe never.
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