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i am a fairly traded good

Spoken text rehearsal material

· sex work,ethical consumption

There is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism.

And yet i am a fairly-traded, organically-produced, low-environmental-impact consumer good.

I had more of a moral problem working for a bank than any other job that i have worked in my life.

Why do people immediately assume we are some kind of victim? I mean...

We are all victims of capitalism aren't we?

I'm allowed some financial independence and autonomy - but not THAT.

My mother never gets to know, she would be too upset.

There was this one guy who came into the club: he liked the super young looking girls the most. In fact he wanted everyone to know he liked the super young looking girls the most.

That seems creepy

But in the club he knows they're of age. So, that's kinda rad, right?

They were fully aware, he was upfront.

Never wanted more than a few lap dances and to take them drinking in town. They made a lot of money out of him.

He never asked them out on a date.

Never ask us out on a fucking date.

Also never tell us we're undateable.

I don't need your permission.

Thank god i'm queer, i don't have to hope some cis het guy is okay with one of my jobs. When i date men, they're woke feminists, Usually queer too.

I'm not here to tell you what to desire.

Or how to desire.

That's up to you.

My club had fat chicks, hairy chicks, tattooed chicks, giggly chicks, young girl looking chicks.

We're a mixed bag.

We don't need your permission.

Music credits:

Track 1 - E-Kare

Nocturne 1985 - Rhian Sheehan

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