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All of it must be by ladies, or sung by ladies

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I am returning to my commercial dance roots with respect to music. I was a bit embarrassed to be relying so heavily on music, and largely pop music, to set a tone. But then Grace reminded me - isn't that what happens during stripping and erotic dancing?


Also there is nothing wrong with allowing a soundtrack to say what needs to be said, as long as it doesn't REPLACE body.

Music choices so far:

  • Britney Spears - but naturally; 'Toxic', 'Break the Ice'
  • Metric - Canadian band with female vocalist and songwriter; lyrics focus on Feminism plus Capitalism; 'Speed the Collapse', 'Gold, Guns, Girls', 'Help I'm Alive'
  • The Bird and the Bee - cute pyjama pop; 'Maneater'
  • Betty Lightbulb - this is my DJ name; 'Freeky Litanies', 'Bitch Face', 'Moral Panic'
  • Amy Jean Barnett - NZ-born, Berlin-based sonic artist; 'Spetra Ephemera', '19/01'
  • Lenka - 'Everything at Once'
  • Stripper songs - 'Naughty Girl' (Beyonce); 'Strict Machine' (Goldfrapp)
More possibilities:
  • Minuit - 'Menace'
  • FKA Twigs - 'Figure 8'
  • Azealia Banks - QUEER LADY CUNNILUNGUS; '212' 
  • Emi Pogoni - whkglrfthchshststdbpmn feat. Rose Blake
  • E-Kare - 'Track 1'
  • Tadpole - 'Alright'
  • Jen Kingwell - 'Kissing in Tutus'
Plus instrumental tracks by dudes:
  • Disasteradio
  • Mongo Skato
  • Module
  • Rhian Sheehan
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