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Physical intimacy with strangers

Online-dating right?

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At my job i had strange men touching my boobs. With my consent, fully paid for, within a set of rules. Does this make you feel uncomfortable? It used to be what put me off from stripping (well that and the hours), but it's fine. Really it's fine.

I've heard it described as "physical intimacy with strangers." Hmmm for me intimacy implies a sense of vulnerability, a very personal interaction. It ain't, it's actually a clear business transaction. I'm not (typically) attracted to whoever i am dancing for.

Online dating however, seems to be loads of opportunities of physical intimacy with strangers. One night stands, hook-ups, fuck buddies, these are more intimate and yet seem more risky to me. Plus, there is no monetary exchange. There is no private club with bouncers providing a safe environment. The contract is much more vague.

So why are my physical interactions with strangers so damn frightening? Is it that i'm getting paid? Is it the sexual agency i have? Urghhhh. I don't get it.

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