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SESSION 2: there is no such thing

as ethical consumption under capitalism

· sex work,ethical consumption,mattress

So why are the ethics of my employment up for debate?

Session 2 with Grace - lots of talking. So much talking. Loads and loads. Stories and rantings and anecdotes and explanations. The functionality of being a stripper. Symbolism of mattresses. Policing of (celebrity) women's bodies.

About halfway into our 4 hour studio time, we came upon an excellent starting point for text.

"I am a fairly-traded, organically-produced, low-environmental-impact, consumer good."

This work cannot rely on movement alone. The installation aspect is still being researched. Text is required. Me, at a microphone, having a chat.

I showed a bit of movement material - Grace said i was performing shame, and that was absolutely not what we had been discussing about sex work.

Discussions about:

  • Stripping, the sex work industry in New Zealand, the sex work industry in Leeds, strip club etiquette (including financial etiquette as well as social etiquette).
  • Ethical spending, zero waste, carbon miles, fair trade, organically grown, labour rights, second-hand, research, profit, middle class privilege
  • Financial independence, self-reliance, autonomy, sex work as a vital part of an economy
  • Care work vs Sex work: one is morally superior yet underpaid, the other morally reprehensible yet a good money maker
  • Type of movement material

Things to research:

  • Mattress - symbolism, Sia's music video Chandelier
  • Prostitution Reform Act 2003 (New Zealand) - decriminalisation of sex work
  • Duration - is this a durational work? If there is one moment that is essential for an audience to see, then it cannot be. How long would you like it to be? The length of a normal shift at the club (7pm-4am Wellington, 10pm-5am Leeds)

So happy with this session :) I have bought some new stripper shoes. They are CHROME

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