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Session 4: On-site

So many things. Art is hard

· site specific,sex work,live art

To be honest, i've had two sessions since writing blog posts so my brain is a little fuzzy with what we said in this one. But i know it was important. *looks at notes and hopes for the best*

We met up for this session at Hyde Park Book Club, to check out the space, discussing it being a site-specific work. Not a pure site-specific work, as the material wasn't created for or on-site, but knowing that it being a different kind of space, the work needed to be staged with each of the nooks, crannies, design areas in mind. My first play in the space was more about size, this session was about location and what material to put where.

White arch - holy? brightly lit

Corner box - tucked away but also great to dance on, LEGS LEGS LEGS VAGINA

[Talking at microphone?]

Window - entrance, life modeling here as people arrive?

General middle space - think about where you are going to seat your audience. Will they need to shuffle about or can you seat them out of the corners/edges you will be performing in. How much do you 'need' to do in the centre space. What does changing locations do the meaning of each vignette?

The beer wall can't be moved - how does that change the reading of anything you do in front of that? Maybe avoid performing in front of that, is that audience seating.

The record corner - scruffy hipster aesthetic. Use that, this is NOT a strip club. Hipster stripper. Talking at microphone?

Bookshelf - populate with your own texts? Super academic hipster.

[Bookshelf on the right as you enter.]

Take note of wooden chair style. La Ribot 'Se Vende'

There are a variety of other wooden chairs - scruffy hipster faux vintage aesthetic.

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