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Session 4: Text and clothing

Articulate rambling

· text,sex work,Masculine

Text thus far:

"There is no such thing as ethical consumption" (intro text)

"Ruin yourself" - Jenny Holzer Survival poem

"Pathological consumption" - George Monbiot, extracts from Gift of Death essay

Grace said she liked it better when i just rambled to her about my ideas in between. That i was very articulate about my thoughts on sex work/commodification of the body/art vs sex (erotica vs porn?) and that i could work on that.

So i have added a section loosely titled "Nudity in Scotland" which includes discussions of Prostitution Reform Act 2003 (NZ), and the state of gentlemen's clubs in Leeds. Conversational, educational.

Nudity illegal in Scotland

She said to be careful of using other people's words - with respect to the Jenny Holzer poem. I have since kept it in, despite it's darkness/angsty angry overtones, because i like how it breaks from how i do my articulate rambling in the other sections.

Grace also wondered about dressing up in men's clothes - amongst my general other costume choices. I said how i liked this 'mansplaining' edge to my educational ramblings. The microphone as phallus, etc. I need to play with that more (and got rid of the tie, doesn't need to be THAT obviously masculine. Woman AS man, woman wanting to BE man, woman as masculine, etc).

She said there was something missing from how i read out the George Monbiot text, suggesting maybe a prop, or to play with HOW i spoke text. Like last time with playing with HOW i performed movement/dancing, i should also play with different styles of voice. I am now performing this text three times in a row: once super fast, once fast-ish and excited (fun-educational) and finally slow, deliberate and a little sinister (ie this text is scary and we should take it seriously).

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