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Session 4: Timings

Don't too things for too long. Duh.

· live art,Sound,explicit performance

Grace encouraged me to invite my friends/peers in as an outside eye, to help me figure out timings for each vignette. At the moment i have made material for the length of songs, or the length of song edits i have created, but i need to work with how much material i want to perform and tailor the music accordingly.

Having people come in as an outside eye has proven to be a big fail - people too busy, not the right people, i generally don't have enough of the right people to invite in. Tricky.

But! I am constantly keeping in my head HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED TO DO, TO SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY

My shoulder blade/winging choreo is performed twice (atm) - to a Sylvia Plath track i created and also to some angry girl-rock. Grace said the latter was punchy and so needed only a very short piece of material.

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