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Can i have one of these all the time please

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Showing of 45 mins of material in a row - and YES i performed it.

Reorder things!

Do you need to get dressed into a new costume twice?

How much can you do naked?

Order changes the meaning every time - Keep trying things in different orders! What does each vignette mean when done before/after another?

Sarcasm is OUT. You want to bring the audience along with you - sarcasm can alienate/put off the audience/make them feel like you are telling them off. Eg instead of "Hey Baz, i don't need some white guy telling me what to do with my body" response to 'Roxanne' (Baz Luhrmann of Moulin Rouge), why don't i have a polite wee conversation with The Police who wrote 'Roxanne' (or discuss media representations of white men 'saving' women from sex work).


We don't need fucking saving.


East London Stripper's Collective.

Do i need to include autobiographical info? (Make a clear choice to either tell the audience what kind of sex worker you were or to not mention personal experience at all)

Keep the nuance, keep the layers. "Yes I KNOW

  • sex trafficking
  • objectification
  • porn chic
  • sex work as 'empowering'
are all problematic. But i don't have to bring that shit up. How do i perform in such a way that
You just know i know. I know you know. We all know let's move on to the ideas i am talking about.

 Text as my own ramblings working, just rehearse it!

Class? What does it mean that

  • someone like me was a sex worker
  • someone like me needed to be a sex worker
  • someone like me is telling you about being a sex worker
  • you will listen to someone like me telling you about the moral ambiguities of sex work
Where's the JOY?!!
Music pop-heavy, but if too much electronica becomes angsty. Be brave, use silence. Though too much music means when there IS silence can make the space sound empty. Conundrum.
One session left - which will have to be a dress rehearsal of sorts since it's 3 days out from the actual performance.
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